The awfull truth. - Chapter I

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The awfull truth. - Chapter I Empty The awfull truth. - Chapter I

Post  Werewolf on Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:32 pm

WARNING!! This fan fiction contains strong language, sex, drugs, violence and alcohol!
Rating: I'm not gonna rate it as I believe in freedom of choice, but I guess most people would say that you have to be at least 16 to read this, as it contains drugs ect. And words your parens may not want you to use XD

Okay guys, this is my first official fic. Please leave comments =D

Chapter I
The sun rays spiked my eyes through the white curtains. I yawned and sat up in bed. Frank was still asleep, his tattooed chest moving slowly up and down. I smiled at the thought that he was mine, only mine. My perfect boyfriend. He was only 26 but he still had a huge career in front of him, playing in one of the biggest rock bands of modern time. I sighed at the thought of him having to travel all the way to Europe on a big tour in only a couple of weeks. My hand lightly touched his scruffy cheek which made his eyes blink, and soon he was starring back at me. A naughty smile appeared on his face, probably when he thought about the things we had been doing the night before.
“Good morning beautiful”, he said, running his hand up my thigh, surely hoping for a morning fuck. I laughed and removed his hand, causing a confused look on his pretty face.
“Sorry sweetheart, but I’m WAY too shattered. I don’t even think I can walk, thanks to you!”
“Aww come on babe, I didn’t do it that hard”, he said with a smile, knowing it wasn’t quite true. I got out of bed and gathered my clothes which had been thrown in all sorts of directions. I found my bra and g-string, while Frank got in his boxer shorts. I was picking up my other clothes when I suddenly felt two warm hands touching my skin. They found their way up my stomach and grabbed my breasts firmly. Franks deep voice whispered in my ear:
“I fucking love you, Angel. I really do.” I sighed, feeling the happiness run through my entire body. I sure as hell loved him as well. My pretty boy. If only I knew what the future held in store for our relationship...

- There IS a plot, I promise! Will add chapter two soon.

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The awfull truth. - Chapter I Empty Re: The awfull truth. - Chapter I

Post  Emma-xxx on Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:30 am

i like like this, God xD
hahaaaah Very Happy
like everything else you write, Razz
okay, sorry..
looking forward to tha next add q:

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