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Post  Bsangel on Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:31 pm

This is a really weird poem(a thing in between a story and a poem. I just couldn't decide :S) I wanted to try something new. So here goes: Something poem-ish. scratch

Going by bus

Ugh! The day is grey. Forever.
The sun doesnít shine. Never.
The driver is silent, the radio off
Everybodyís silent, not even a cough

I donít know how I got on this bus. Who paided the ticket? Oh propably mom and dad. Where are they? Who cares, just sit still.
God, itís silent, why isnít anybody saying something. Or maybe itís just, that Iím alone. I donít know.
Just sitting here and looking through the glass, at all the funny images out there. I see a girl, silent obidient. Going to school, playing with the others, always a smile on her face.

Childrens laugh like a cd. Broken
An empty sound ringing. Forever
Playing with the other. Thoughtless
Going to school. Mindless

Now sheís going to school again, or wait... itís college now. Does time fly by fast. I look to the other side. A lot of people are walking or going by bike. God, they are slow. But their laugh sounds so.. real. They are tired and are going so slow, it is almost as if, they want to go nowhere. But they laugh. Why doesnít the girl laugh like that? Her parents stand behind her, smiling, noding. Like the devil with another lost soul in his hand. I want to look away.

Hats are thrown in the air. Graduation
Flower petals snowing. Marriage
A cry in th night. Birth
And in the end....

I look to the front, and I never look back. A glimt of a light and the heat on my skin. An explotion in my ear and a glitch in my heart.


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