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Post  Mia-xx on Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:42 am

Before you post a thread in this forum, remember to read the rules. If these rules are not followed, we will inform you about it, and if these rules still aren't followed, we will delete you thread. And don't add topics which don't belong in this forum! Those topics which don't belong in here, will be moved or deleted.

  • If/when you've decided to post your fiction(s) in this forum, make sure you presents them properly. Which means that there have to be a Title, summary, rating, warnings and besides that we would like to know who's writing it.

  • Do not use swearing unless you've warned about it. That goes for sex, abuse, violence etc.

  • No computer-language because that is really annoying to read.
    With computer-language i mean words like 'u, m8, m3' etc.

  • We don't want any rude comments! If you don't like it, then don't post a comment, or if you still wants to comment on it, be critical, but still nice!!

  • Spam is stupid and will be deleted! So do everyone a favour and don't do it.

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