Who Do You Love?

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Who Do You Love?

Post  ..¤Cookie¤.. on Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:14 am

Title: Who Do You Love?
By: ..¤Cookie¤.. (Elli/Eline)
Rating: 14+
Summary: A young girl finds herself in a situation where she has to chose between a famous rock-star (whom she happens to love) and her first love ever.
Further Information: It involves McFly [=

Chapter 1

He still remembered the first time he saw her.
It had been a cold autumn day in September. Her beautiful red hair had been flying in the wind and her bright green eyes had captured his at the second of eye contact. She was leaning on a huge oak tree. He was standing in the school yard with his mates. She looked up. He kept looking at her.
The second before she looked away felt like a hundred shining days in his memory.


It had been her first day at a new school. She had been nervous. She remembered standing on a little hill in the school yard leaning on a tree, looking at all the people. All the people. The people that was going to be her new classmates. The people she had to depend on for the coming years of her studies. The people she felt so different from. Then she saw him standing there with some other boys. The boys were chatting happily; still there was a tension in the air. A tension that could only come of the holiday being over. The boy did not take part in the conversation going on. He was not paying attention to it at all. He was looking at her. He’s probably wondering what a weirdo like me is doing here, she had thought.
Then her eyes met his, and she felt a sudden happiness growing over her. There was a boyish charm over him. Still, she knew he was not a boy. Not inside. She could read it in his eyes. His grey-blue eyes that would never tell a lie. She knew his life had not been easy.
His dirty blond hair had an emo fringe. It was sticking out in a darker colour at the back of his well-shaped head.
All this she noticed in only about one second. She had always been good at judging people at first sight, but never ever had she seen so much in someone’s eyes before. Felt so much going on inside her in only one second.
Then the bell had rung and everyone had gone inside the school building, leaving her standing there. She had stood there for a few seconds, then started walking after the boys and girls.


The bell had rung. The bell had rung to stop him from looking at her. He knew it was silly to think that way, but he wanted to see her. Look into her sparkling, green eyes again.


Now, one year after, the two 16 year olds were sitting on a sofa in his bedroom. They were kissing passionately. When they broke apart they looked in each others eyes the same way they had done 11 months ago, and so many other times in between. They had always had a special connection; it was almost like they could read each others minds by looking into one another’s eyes. Other people didn’t understand it. They always said that the two teenagers were too young to feel that way, but they knew better. They knew it wasn’t about age. It was about love.

The girl’s mother had died when she was only three years old. She now lived with her father, stepmother and little half-brother. Her new ‘mother’ was not at all nice. When the girl was little she used to compare herself to Cinderella. Then, when she got older, she knew better. She knew she would never end up like Cinderella, happy and living in a castle, married to Prince Charming.
But it was not far away. Her boyfriend was not far away from being Prince Charming.

The boy used to live with his mother and little sister. His mother and father had gotten a divorce nearly 14 months ago, and it still affected him in everything he did. He had no connection with his father at all anymore. He knew his sister was heartbroken at the break-up too, but he couldn’t help but feel that it was worse for him. Why, he did not know, it was just the way he felt. There was two things helping him through the day though; writing songs and his girl.

“Dougie,” the girl started. “… I feel like - Like I ... like I love you.”

His heart leaped. It was the first time she had ever said that.


She had spoken without thinking. And now she couldn’t believe she had just said that. But it felt so right. She didn’t regret saying it. Looking at him, she knew it made him happy. She didn’t expect him to say it back to her, he wasn’t that kind. He had never been the kind to say ‘I love you’ just like that. It just wasn’t him.



“I love you too.”

“What?” Like said, she didn’t expect him to say it back.

“I love you too,” the boy told her again.

After thinking of what to say she blurted: “But – You don’t have to say that. You know, if you don’t mean it. I won’t get angry if you don’t say it back.”

“I mean it. I do. I love you. I would never say that if I didn’t mean it.”

She gave him a kiss on the cheek. She knew he was telling her the truth. Once again she looked into his grey-blue eyes and they shared yet another kiss. Just when the kiss had started to deepen, when she had gotten really into it, someone burst into the room. They broke hurriedly apart, and again she found herself looking at the three older lads her boyfriend lived with.

“Oh, sorry we didn’t know –“ the blond one started.

“You did too!” Dougie complained, but with a smile on his face. Ana on the other hand was not as happy as him. She was not at all fond of her boyfriend’s band mates. And the fact that they had been disturbing their kissing time about ten times already did not make her like them more.

“Okay, we did,” the one called Danny said with a cheeky smile. “We just like disturbing you. Again.”

“That’s not very nice.” Ana couldn’t hold herself any longer. “Would you like people dashing in and out when you’re making out with someone?”

They didn’t seem to have anything to say about that. Either they regret disturbing us or they don’t want to argue with their mate’s girlfriend, Ana thought. Thinking that the last one was more likely than the other, she decided to shut up.

“Sorry, we won’t do it again, promise,” the drummer or guitarist – or whatever he was - said. The drummer, Ana decided. Yeah, cause come to think of it, Danny and the blond one are the guitarists. And of course I’m quite aware of the fact that Dougie’s the bass-player.

“Come on Danny, Tom,” the drummer spoke again, dragging the others out of the room. Right, Tom. That’s the blond one, Ana thought.


When they had left, Dougie turned to look at Ana. He had just seen a side of her he had never seen before. Well at least not noticed. She was usually a sparkling personality. The happy blossom in his life. He loved her. But this new side, he was not that sure about. She never usually talked to anyone the way she had just spoken to his friends. Of course, she was allowed to not like someone, but why his friends? Why the lads he had been living, playing and spending all day every day the past ten months with?

“Why did you talk to them like that?” He suddenly asked.

“What? Like what?” She asked. She looked surprised by his sudden words. Didn’t she understand his feelings?

“Like what you just did! They didn’t mean to disturb us!” Dougie said. He immediately knew he was not telling the truth. And she knew it. Oh, why had he said that? He knew the way she could almost read his mind. And why the hell did he blow this up? They had just told each other the tree little words. And this wasn’t a big deal! She didn’t quite like his friends, so what? Of course she was allowed to feel that way.

“Dougie, you very well know they meant to disturb us - in fact, you just said it yourself! And that Danny-bloke said it too!”

Her voice raised, he sensed danger was coming. Knowing it would be best to kill it in the birth, he quickly gave her half a smile and said: “I know. I’m sorry; I don’t know what got to me. You’re allowed to not like my friends - it’s not a problem. I’m sorry.”


“I don’t not like your friends!” she tried to convince him. Thinking again she added: “They just annoy the crap out of me.”

He smiled. He smiled the smile that made her melt inside. Then he kissed her. A long, passionate kiss. She deepened it and felt her knees tremble, all though she was sitting on the sofa. His arms around her, he moved her over to his lap.
She sighed deeply. Almost our first argument, she thought. In the eight months they had been officially dating, they had never had an argument. Was that a sign? It was normal to have had an argument by now. And they had managed to avoid one, yet again. Was it a sign? And more important; was it a bad sign? She tried to push the thought away, but somehow didn’t manage.


She was in a thinking state, he knew it. And he was pretty sure about what she was thinking of; their first argument. He was quite happy it didn’t take off. They had managed to stop it before it did. That’s good, he thought, obviously not knowing that she thought differently about it.

sorry its long Razz

what do you think?
should i keep going?

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Re: Who Do You Love?

Post  Jordan[: on Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:17 am

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
I'm happy now. Very Happy
Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
Thought I'd let you know Wink

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Re: Who Do You Love?

Post  Shattered Dreamer on Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:57 pm

That was amazing!!! ^-^
I can't wait for more!
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Re: Who Do You Love?

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